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The Matrix strength series gym equipment purchased by the customer has been installed.

September 25, 2020

Latest company case about The Matrix strength series gym equipment purchased by the customer has been installed.


Recently, another buyer expressed his satisfaction with our products. The reason why Matrix strength series gym equipment is favored by many customers is that the product uses high-quality Q235 pipe, the surface of the pipe is very smooth, and the color texture is very beautiful; the seat and back cushion are made of monochromatic high-density foam; the steel cable is made of self-lubricating steel imported from the United States The cable, supplemented by nylon 12 composite fiber, has an effective life of more than 100,000 times; the protective cover uses a translucent protective cover made of PETG; all dynamic components such as pulleys and ropes are equipped with protective covers to effectively avoid harm to users and surrounding people. In addition to the production of insert-type strength fitness equipment, our company also has hammer strength plate loaded fitness equipment to choose from, and the product styles are diverse, and there are many series to choose from. Gym fitness equipment products have diverse functions, and different equipment exercises different parts of the body. For example, the leg extension mainly exercises thigh muscle strength, the chest press machine mainly builds the chest muscle strength, the glute machine exercises the buttocks muscle line, and the abdominal muscle trainer exercises the abdominal muscles and trains into eight-pack abs. For different gym types, we have different styles of fitness equipment to choose from. For example, a gym with a small area can choose some multifunctional fitness equipment products, which can save space and achieve multiple functional exercises.
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