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A case of Life Fitness’s classic insert-type strength fitness equipment gym.

September 8, 2020

Latest company case about A case of Life Fitness’s classic insert-type strength fitness equipment gym.


The customer’s purchase of Life Fitness’s classic insert-type strength fitness equipment from our company has been installed. Life Fitness series of fitness equipment is a kind of equipment that has been favored by customers for many years. The product strictly follows the principles of kinematics and exercises in place; the surface is high-strength sprayed, and the surface is strengthened by three sprays of light oil, not easy to change color, dirt and rust; The body maintains the best stability, and the molded cushion design increases stability and comfort. Our fitness equipment products use high-quality flat oval tube material, new large-scale special equipment, sand and rust treatment, the surface is sprayed to ensure that the paint will not fade for a long time and is more environmentally friendly. Dioxide shielded welding ensures welding The firmness and beauty of the part. Life Fitness’s classic fitness equipment products include assist dip chin, biceps curl, triceps press, shoulder press, lat raise, chest press, pec fly, pectoral fly/rear deltoid, pulldown, lat pulldown, low pulley, row/rear delt, back extension, abdominal, torso rotation, calf extension, glute, standing calf raise, multi hip, hip abduction&adduction, leg extension& prone leg curl, seated leg press, lat pull down combined with seated row, 45 degree kicking machine, flat bench and other sports Fitness products. There are more other styles of fitness equipment to choose from on the website, and support product customization. If you want to know more product information, please contact us, we are available for you 24 hours a day.

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